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    Twisted (1990 ish)

    This was shortly before breaking down what had become my rig in Oak Park, for the last time. So it was sticks on the Trap Kat triggering the Alesis DM drum sounds, and the Ensoniq SD-1. Live tracks recorded and mastered in MIDI in Master Tracks Pro on a Mac 840AV (with a floppy drive).
    Techy melodic, layering different meters on top of each other for different feels in accent and pace. A couple of days writing and recording the tracks, and then a couple more mixing and sound shaping. And probably a couple more days just recording yet another version of the end on the drums or lead synth… just for the sheer fun and exploration.

    Tailwind (1987 ish)

    This was among my first music recorded on the  Mac using Master Tracks Pro, using MIDI to record live tracks.
    A little down tempo groove in five. This was one of the tunes I sent on a cassette to brilliant composer and digitl artist Kit Watkins who responded “beautiful piece, it really carries you along”. So a decent copy of this 35 year-old recording was a special find for me.

    These all came from the vault (an old duffle bag of stuff I’ve been carrying around for decades). I’m not sure how many of the recordings will be salvageable enough to even list here, but I’m working on cleaning them up.


    Listen pretty loud in headphones if you can. The recordings have lost a lot of definition over the years, and some are pretty terrible… but you can still hear some subtle details/playing/production in some of them.