Thank you Full Stack.

I wanted to address some of the specifics in your job postings and answer to address my skills in both WordPress design and development and FED work. They both sound like a good fit for me and I wanted to elaborate. Please see my comments below. I believe I can perform and produce beautiful work for you in both these environments. I hope you’ll allow me to hear more about the work, and give me a chance to prove myself.

Hello Full Stack,

I was very glad to see your job listings last night. I’ve been looking over your website, and am excited about the possibilities.

I’ve been a full time contractor for many years, working in a variety of industries and teams. It has been great for my skills from creative to code. My favorite work however is when I am part of a team, with others who know things I do not… orchestrating great digital environments and user experiences together.

I am an experienced, creative front end developer with a rich history in not only web development… but diverse design and branding experience. I have developed large responsive UI sets for distributed enterprise teams using HTML, Bootstrap, CSS3, and Javascript. I build these platforms… propose, demonstrate and evaluate UX solutions, brand application, interactive components and messaging techniques… and take the interfaces through CR, browser testing, and integration and implementation stages with developers and stakeholders.

I also have advanced experience with complete design and development using WordPress. I’ve been adopting and customizing RWD in WordPress since very early on and have been building every CMS project using my customized responsive platforms… including large eCommerce and redevelopment projects, startups, B2B, retail, education, entertainment, and more. I have been involved in open source communities for many years, and manage and produce the entire design and development process… concept and UI/UX development to migrations and project management… customization, graphics, plugins, media, hosting, management… everything.

I am fanatical about UI/UX fit and finish, high quality digital products… and being a valuable resource for most any business development team.

Please take a look at the rest of my brief website including a portfolio of WordPress and HTML websites… and UI, content and graphic design. I have a few recent projects not on my site yet that I’d enjoy showing you as well including a WordPress website for Aflac and an online story for Epic Magazine.

Thank you very much for reading, and clicking. I look forward to talking with you.



Design custom websites and WordPress themes
I’ve produced many complete, custom websites on my own, and have also been the sole WordPress developer for creative teams in agile environments ( is a Google startup and my recent work) as well as a Bootstrap/HTML front end developer for larger international distributed teams (JLG Heavy Industries… please see my portfolio).
Work with Product Managers, Engineers and client stakeholders to ensure that what we’re meeting the needs of the end user
I have worked for a variety of teams and projects in many industries and applications. I am very often at the center of planning for creative, platform and UX. I have a unique combination of design, development and branding experience that is valued and utilized.
Effectively communicate user interaction through deliverables such as wireframes and prototypes
I am an excellent communicator, which is an asset of mine generally. I prefer prototypes as an initial part of any production process. I was encouraged to see this and the question below, as my process is preferably going straight to UI. Whether the site is my design completely, or when I work from designs and wireframes… I believe it’s important to begin studying the way the site behaves and feels from the beginning. I’d rather go through several UIs if necessary, rather than relying on static imagery. I can iterate quickly in WordPress, and always have a set of trusted platforms I am already familiar with customizing.
Wireframe and mockup user interfaces with your design application of choice or in the browser (when appropriate)
Browser! I am a WordPress and Photoshop expert and create great looking UIs. From formal designs or open discussions with creatives and stakeholders… my goal in the early stages is to get everyone clicking and giving their feedback.
Participate as a Product Designer in creating UI/UX for web and mobile applications
Yes please. I am an effective UI designer and developer. I have developed UIs for web applications and mobile, although most of my mobile experience is responsive web products. I’d like very much to have the time and task to study or understudy some Angular or React, and develop UIs for native apps for devices.
Actively participate in design critiques/reviews and product discussions
I believe you’ll find me a solid addition to these types of teams as well. I have years of real-time design and development experience, and am communicative and positive.
Think deeply about the user experience and usability issues
I do this naturally. I’m often obsessing over little things (that are big to me), and are mentally concepting or physically testing methods and versions. Fit and finish is a very important part of what I want represented in my work. I’m excited about working for you because some of the things it sounds like your processes require are things I often wish were more integral or important to budgets of individual clients/projects. If I can participate regularly in discussions with you on on UX, imagery, engagement, performance… that would be a great plus for me.
You can build out your designs
Using WordPress, I am used to building the entire site myself. From initial UI design to publishing. Including choosing and implementing plugins, photo editing and graphics, complete customization, media delivery, membership, WooCommerce, content design, migration, hosting, etc. Especially if it’s my design, but generally as well… I know what WordPress platform I’ll be using, so my initial designs are based on an existing platform. So I am building from the start… and understand the elements and stages of delivering a great product.
QA the implementation of your designs
I identify, and am frank about, the strengths and weaknesses of any one project. I work decisively on what can be improved on. I often have strong opinions but respect and enjoy other opinions and objectivity. Most of all, what I miss in much of my work as an independent is working with a team and benefitting, in many ways, from their experience and perspectives.
You’ve built custom websites before
I’ve produced many complete, custom websites on my own, and have also been the sole WordPress developer for creative teams in agile environments ( is a Google startup and my recent work) as well as a Bootstrap/HTML front end developer for larger international distributed teams (JLG Heavy Industries… please see my portfolio).
You know how to work with WordPress
WordPress has been my preferred CMS for 7 years. I am an expert always anxious to learn.
Your ability to design exceptional user interfaces is second-to-none
I am a UI geek at heart, and my passion shows in my work.
Mobile and responsive design/development is not an afterthought
I adopted RWD early on and am a Bootstrap veteran.
You have a burning passion for providing a great experience to users
I really do. I obsess over the details long after the job has been signed off on. I have an affinity for the presentation layer and approach it as a craftsman. When others are watching the game, I’m back at my desk fussing over that 1 pixel shift on FF only that no one else noticed.
You’re proficient in handcrafting HTML and CSS (particularly HTML5 and CSS3)
I build strong, great looking (and performing) Bootstrap HTML templates and have the CSS skills to make them irresistible.
You know enough JavaScript/jQuery to build out your designs
This is a perfect description of me. I cannot write Javascript from scratch like I can HTML and CSS, but have integrated it into many websites when necessary. I would love to have the means/time/demand to learn some Angular or react etc. to advance my skills, especially when it comes to devices.
You get things done whether you’re working autonomously or in a team setting
As a remote member of your team, you will find me on point and getting it done. I am an exceptional communicator and motivated member of any initiative, and also disappear to my Mac to make beautiful things work beautifully.
Communication skills and the ability to explain your design decisions come naturally
I thought this page should be minimal and straight forward, while including a bit of UI, design and typography sensibilities. My hanging sign logo is somewhat new, and just strikes me as clean and adorable… even in a small, low res application like this. This is the approach with the rest of the site as well, along with some big, conceptual photography and brief messaging. Because this website represents a creative person and service, and has minimal copy and content, I switch to a completely new platform and UI style every year or so. I hope it is the right amount of content and the type of environment that leads you to contact me with questions, or to discuss my first project.