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    Hello Anne Holland Ventures and MJBIZdaily

    Let's talk about your cannabis publications

    Web Development Lead position

    Please take a few minutes to look over my experience and my work.
    I hope we can have a conversation to see if this position is as good a fit as it seems.

    I am a designer, WordPress expert and front end developer with 20 years experience in designing and delivering web and other digital assets for many types and sizes of businesses and organizations. My work is informed, obsessed over and shopisitcated from front to back. Please see my resume and homepage. They are both brief, but will give you a sense of the scope of my work, clientele and priorities.

    After working as an independent contractor for many years I took a full time job with a small studio called Media Techs at the beginning of 2020, doing exactly what I imagine doing for your company… I lead the development of news and affiliate website assets for them for the global online gambling industry. Although I could not overstate how much more aligned I am with medical cannabis than gambling… I enjoyed investing in a brand and a small team, after jumping from/to business, client and industry for many years. Being an independent working for everyone from startups to fortune 500 has been great for my hard and soft skills both, but working with the same team every day, and investing myself in long term objectives and growth, and the quality and impact of my work… is really my sweet spot.

    Unfortunately Media Techs was sold to a casino affiliate much sooner than expected, and I am recently back to working on agency contracts. I hope to get a position like that again. And if I can work for the cannabis industry as your brand steward I would be thrilled. Below is the cornerstone site I developed for Media Techs. Although its focus is very different then yours, there are parallels worth mentioning. You’ll see a testimonial from the owner Joe Krisberg on my home page, and I’m sure he’d have nothing but great things to say about me if asked.

    Recent Work Examples

    —————— is the cornerstone American site for Media Techs. While managing over a dozen other online gambling sites they had been running for some time, I designed and developed this site, and optimized it for impressive engagement and performance. It is a big news site with a dozen or so authors contributing… reviewing casinos, gambling technique, online apps, platforms and events. The entire build was mine except for the plugin that accepts feeds from casino operators to display real time odds on upcoming events. Although I lost some of the disagreements on design, I suppose the site did need to be quite garish considering the industry. I also lost a couple of fonts and a big, beautiful mega menu for the sake of lighthouse scores. Some of the plugins I customized when designing roll cards and affiliate activity we then converted to static elements. All that fancy stuff. It is an affiliate analytics powerhouse.

    Note all the animated CTA headers on the 13 review pages. Although quite loud, they’ll give you an idea of how much I enjoy animation. The state pages and any authored post that includes affiliate pullout ads, linear navigation, author bios and a range of sidebar CTAs. There are author pages I developed with caricatures of the authors, and category and tag pages also with infinite load and affiliate CTAs.


    I’ve been imagining developing big, beautiful online publications and platforms to support the cannabis industry for you and I am intrigued. I look forward to meeting you and hearing  more about your brands.


    A more conventional, corporate enterprise type website, serves the cyber security industry. I have built and managed websites for the owner for 7 years. I also manage websites and landing pages for Steve’s other ventures and clientele. Although Steve Piper has a full range of developers, considering his industry and associate/customer base, he has relied on me to manage and improve his company’s WordPress websites for many years.


    Sensia is a pure Bootstrap HTML website I developed for Rockwell Automation. What they call their “laptop sites”. Used for presentations, and facility and trade show installations. This was an agency contract project through Aquent Studios, as was some of my other work for global brands including McDonalds, Shutterfly, and Maestro Health (Aflac).

    Thank you for spending the time.

    I look forward to meeting you and discussing the possibilities.

    815.310.0111 or