Hello SLAM! I want to be your Web Designer/Developer.

I also applied online but didn’t see anywhere to include a cover letter.
So here we are. Thank you for clicking through.

I would be a powerfully productive member of your team. And after looking and listening my way through your website this morning, I’m imagining you would be an exciting transition for my career.

I have unique and very well earned experience. From concept and creative to delivering sophisticated projects… I am confident and formidable in most any environment or team where technology and art are cultivated. I’m excited about the possibilities. About seeing your fresh job posting. Your brand inspired that in me, and my brand is genuine.

I’ve been a full time remote contractor for many years, working in a variety of industries and teams. It has been great for my skills from communication to code. My favorite work however is when I am part of a team, with others who know things I do not… orchestrating great digital environments and user experiences together. I am skilled and motivating as part of a distributed team… and also disappear to my Mac and make beautiful things work beautifully. As a remote member of your team you will find me on point and making things happen.

I am an experienced, creative front end developer with a rich history in not only web development… but diverse design and branding experience. I have developed large responsive UI sets for distributed enterprise teams using Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML and Javascript. I build these platforms… propose, demonstrate and evaluate UX solutions, brand application, interactive components and messaging techniques… and take the interfaces through CR, browser testing, and integration and implementation stages with developers and stakeholders.

I also have advanced experience with complete design and development using WordPress. I’ve been adopting and customizing RWD in WordPress since very early on and have been building every CMS project using my customized responsive platforms… including large eCommerce and redevelopment projects, startups, B2B, retail, education, entertainment, more. I have been involved in open source communities for many years, and manage and produce the entire design and development process… concept and UI/UX development to migrations and project management… customization, graphics, plugins, media, hosting, membership, eCommerce… everything.

In just the last couple of years… I’ve had many opportunities to build many complete websites by myself, and also to work as an FED for design and marketing teams (i.e. highfive.com … a Google startup is my recent work), and for larger, international distributed teams (i.e. JLG Heavy Equipment… see my website). In addition to the work in my website portfolio, I have projects in the works I’d enjoy showing you as well.

I am fanatical about UI/UX fit and finish, high quality digital solutions… and being a valuable resource for most any business development team. Although my background cuts wide… I am a UI geek at heart, with a love for art and tech. I looking for a home now where those joys and challenges can continue to grow.

Please spend a few minutes here on my website and portfolio, and give me a chance to hear more about your work. I am excited to hear more about SLAM!

From visual and interactive fit and finish to beautiful graphics and thoughtful UX development… I prepare and pour beautiful, smart creative over everything I work on. Brand innovation and influence is at the heart of well crafted digital communications. I understand and practice this daily. More about this…

I adopted RWD very early and never develop a website without it. Responsive CSS is a remarkable tool for not only delivering the same content across different devices, but enhancing and expanding design choices and engagement options. I’m a Bootstrap veteran, focusing on what works best, and what is coming next in responsive web design. More about development…

Working with teams of creatives and business developers is where the change, challenges, lessons and ligatures come from. I thrive in environments where I have what I need to deliver my finest products, feed my innovative spirit… and to contribute, and learn from, smart digital initiatives. What I offer…

Recognize the expert. They are the ones always asking questions.