Thank you Smeja Enterprises.

Hello Smeja Enterprises-

I was very glad to see your job listing last night. I’ve been looking at your products and businesses online, and am excited about the possibilities. Please allow me to tell you what kind of position I am hoping to find and what I bring to that opportunity. I hope I get a chance to hear more about your company, your brands, and the responsibilities of this position.

I’ve been a full time contractor for many years, working in a variety of industries and teams. It has been great for my skills from creative to code. My favorite work however is when I am part of a team, with others who know things I do not… orchestrating great digital environments and user experiences together.

I recently began envisioning and seeking a full time position that would inspire me in this way, and in the kind of transition I hope to make. To trade in the time I spend finding and retaining work, and spend that time instead on further excelling at developing great digital assets. Directing even more of my energy into the latest technologies and sensibilities that drive sophisticated, cutting edge products.

I am a UI geek and brand steward at heart, with a deep background in art and tech. And although a full time position appeals to me very much at this point in my career, it must be a position where I can continue to grow as a designer, developer and marketer. Your position, taking ownership of multiple digital brands, sounds like a good fit. I would love to hear what you have planned for your brands and share my thoughts and capabilities.

A few words I typically share about what I’ve been doing…

I am an experienced, creative front end developer with a rich history in not only web development… but diverse design and branding experience. I have developed large responsive UI sets for distributed enterprise teams using Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML and Javascript. I build these platforms… propose, demonstrate and evaluate UX solutions, brand application, interactive components and messaging techniques… and take the interfaces through CR, browser testing, and integration and implementation stages with developers and stakeholders.

I also have advanced experience with complete design and development using WordPress. I’ve been adopting and customizing RWD in WordPress since very early on and have been building every CMS project using my customized responsive platforms… including large eCommerce and redevelopment projects, startups, B2B, retail, education, entertainment, more. I have been involved in open source communities for many years, and manage and produce the entire design and development process… concept and UI/UX development to migrations and project management… customization, graphics, plugins, media, hosting, management… everything.

In just the last couple of years… I’ve had many opportunities to build many complete websites by myself, and also to work as an FED for design and marketing teams (i.e. … a Google startup is my recent work), and for larger, international distributed teams (i.e. JLG Heavy Equipment… see my website). In addition to the work in my website portfolio, I always have projects in the works I’d enjoy showing you.

I am fanatical about UI/UX fit and finish, high quality digital products… and being a valuable resource for most any business development team.

A few notes in specific response to your requirements and preferences for this position…

I am an expert in responsive website development, and enjoy the process of browser and device testing and ownership of high performing products. Much of these same skills apply to HTML emails. Although I have worked on email campaigns, I have more recent experience with the presentation layer side of inbound and engagement programs with Marketo and Salesforce.

Although as a percentage of my work the print projects have become far less… I have produced many high res products in InDesign or Photoshop for print inserts and collateral to 40 ft. tradeshow booths. I have many years of experience managing projects and suppliers.

I have designed corporate and product identities, and helped ownership cultivate their vision for their brand into appropriate imagery, platforms and applications. My other design experience includes many types of content design, photo illustration and editing.

It sounds, and I hope it is… like you are looking for someone with big design and development chops who loves what they do, and will deliver that as fresh creative and growing productivity and capabilities for this area of your business and your brands.

Ultimately I hope to retire my small business activities and processes, and focus on professional excellence, in an environment where growth and passion for innovation is very useful and highly encouraged.

Please take a look at the rest of my brief website including a portfolio of websites from local companies like Sage Products, to Silicon Valley startups. I have a few recent projects not on my site yet that I’d enjoy showing you as well including a WordPress website for Aflac and an online story for Epic Magazine.

Thank you very much for reading, and clicking. I look forward to talking with you.



If my bosses think I’m a Rock Star, and take pride in the tools I’ve supplied them with, that’s what matters. They do. Please indulge me few words about some glory days. Since you asked…

I quite my job as an Art Director downtown about 20 years ago because I felt the studio wasn’t taking the web seriously enough, and I was fascinated. When I went out on my own it was still the dawn of the commercial web. I’ve been in front of my Mac online, full time, every day since.

I built the first ever website for Radio Flyer. I designed and built a touch kiosk application for the opening of the Peggy Notebeart Nature Museum in Lincoln Park for The Chicago Academy of Sciences.

I was the front end developer for Chicago Lighthouse Industries on a team that developed an eCommerce website for visually impaired users. Someone with no sight, tabbing through recorded (voice) commands could shop and checkout. ASP and Netscape. Pioneering stuff.

I was already playing around with mobile phone UIs on Symbian (Nokia) handsets Using Flash Lite before the iPhone arrived. When it did, I concepted and built the first iPhone web app to receive Apple’s “Best Pick” in their website productivity category.

When RWD (Responsive Web Design) started getting experimented with and blogged about, I dug in… and started coding. A member of that open source community as it became adopted into enterprise UIs and CMSs. I am a Bootstrap veteran who tweaks CSS to be beautiful long after the invoice is paid.